Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday and an Update

Holy smokes!  Its been a month since I posted!!  My life has been pretty hectic.

This guy has completely come out of his shell and is absolutely adorable:

Toby does the head tilt when you whistle at him.

He likes to scatter his toys all across the floor and grab towels as well.

He has been added to my wall at work.

His carrot is his favorite toy.

He loves to just chill outside.  He'll just sit there and look around.

He loves to visit his brother George at my parents house.

He was neutered last week and this was the only position he felt comfortable on day one.  The cone head was driving us all nuts because he couldn't play or eat or do anything with it on.  If it took it off he tried to lick his stitches.  My parents neighbor had a suggestion and the vet said it was perfect.

We put him in a baby's onesy.  He fits in about a 3-6 mo size.  We put it on him backwards so that the front is on his back.  That way it snaps right around his tail.  He can run around and play, eat and drink, and no licking of the stitches!!!  It works so well and he doesn't mind having it on.  The stitch comes out on Sunday and then he won't have to wear it.

Toby has now taken over my wall at work.

Toby spent the weekend with my parents because I was on a trip.  My dad kept teasing my that I wasn't getting my dog back because Toby was snuggling with him.

 Too many dog pictures?  Get on with the WIP pictures? Will do.

So what have I been working on this past month.

First up, Drops Blankets:

I have 4 more squares done.  That's it, just 4 more.  Here's the other 10 I showed you before:

Next project is my Little Square Baby Girl Blanket:

 That's right, one more square.

So you are probably wondering, what have you been working on?

Next project is my Linen Stitch Scarf:

One row of this scarf takes me about an hour.  I've been working on this a lot, but it is slow going.

Next project that I've been working on, but not as much as my Linen Stitch is my Diamond Sock:

I don't work on this too often because I have to concentrate to not mess up the pattern.  I had to set it down one day when Dave started to talk to me.

Nest and final project is my Infinity Scarf.  I have been spending a lot of time on this one:

I am in the middle of my 3rd skein of yarn and I am going to use 5.

Now back on August 2nd, I showed you a blanket I started for my dad.

I've been having second thoughts about the pattern.  I didn't like how loose it looked and felt.  I even went down two hook sizes and the very tall stitches, the trebles, just seemed like a toe could push through.  That is a requirement from my dad by the way, no holes that toes could push through.  So, I started an Oblong Wooleater.

Check out the pattern pages and help me out Wavy Blanky and Oblong Wool Eater, which would you choose?

Since I'm working on so many projects I've just linked up the names of the projects with my ravelry pages if you want to know any details.

I've linked up with Tami's Amis, Small Things, and Frontier Dreams.

Sorry this was so long.  I felt like I had to catch you up on everything......okay maybe I was just gusing about my puppy with a ton a pictures.

Sam :-)