Sunday, March 13, 2016

Wedding Day - Highlights Video

So I mentioned in my previous post that So Fresh Films was our videographer.  Nick put together an amazing 5 minute highlights video.

Mobile version:

HD version:

Sam <3

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wedding Day Part 4 - Cocktail Hour and Reception

I love that we got a chance to enjoy our cocktail hour.  It was a good decision for us to get a lot of the photos done before the ceremony.

Our guest book was a polaroid guest book and it was a hit!  I love looking through it now.

Our entrance song was "Hold on, I'm Comin" by Sam & Dave.  I don't know if anybody caught that, but it made us smile.

We actually took dance lessons and it made me really happy, but it also made us really really nervous.  We actually had a big sigh of relief when we were done.  We didn't screw up too much!!

So, no one taught us how to cut a cake apparently because we almost dropped our slice.  Dave had quick hands and caught it on the plate.


Father Daughter dance!

Mother Son dance!!

I love the food we had at our wedding.  When we first started planning our wedding, I asked Dave if anything was important to him and he said FOOD!  He wanted BBQ and that's what we had, ribs, brisket, smoked chicken, mac & cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, and corn bread.  For the hot hors d'oeurvres we had his favorite, meatballs, and my favorite, pierogies!

Shot dance!!

Our wedding couldn't have been any better than it was.

Sam <3

Photographer - Leeann from Leeann Marie, Photographers
Venue - Armstrong Farms
Bakery - Mainstreet Bake Shop
Caterer - Pittsburgh BBQ
DJ - DJ Underdog
Videographer - So Fresh Films

Friday, March 11, 2016

Wedding Day Part 3 - Ceremony & More Bride & Groom Photos

The ceremony actually made me pretty nervous.  I wasn't nervous about getting married, but I was nervous about being the center of attention.  The ceremony was perfectly us.  It actually rained up until about an hour before the ceremony.  I mean pouring!  Thankfully it cleared and the rest of the day was great weather.

I was really trying not to cry and I ended up making a weird face...

We did a fisherman's knot unity ceremony.  I didn't want to do a candle outside (what if it blew out?!).  Dave was nervous he wasn't going to remember how to do the knot. 

This last photo was actually taken during the reception.  Our photographer, Leeann, grabbed us and said that the sky was really cool and we need to get more pictures now!  Dave said he wishes he grabbed his jacket, but I like it without.

Sam :-)

Photographer - Leeann from Leeann Marie, Photographers
Venue - Armstrong Farms

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wedding Day Part 2 - Details of the Day

I had a fun time thinking up and putting together a lot of these wedding details.  There were things I thought up and scrapped because I didn't have time, but I'm glad I managed to do so many of them.

I saw mugs similar to the ones I used on pinterest and I purchased them slowly over the course of planning the wedding.  I was super excited when I found these dishwasher safe chalkboard labels.  I labeled each one of these.  After the wedding I found a glass mug similar to these with a chalkboard label already on it for about the same price.  Oh well!

My handwriting is not the best, but I only had my cousin Ashley for one night before the wedding.  She did the names on all of the mugs.

My sister did small 6 or 8 inch cakes as her center pieces at her wedding.  I pretty much did the same thing, but I did mini cupcakes.  I love that we were able to have so many different kinds of cupcakes.  

Since the guest tables had their cake as the center piece, Dave and I only had a small cake to cut.

So Pittsburgh has this thing called the cookie table.  Long story short, many cultures here in Pittsburgh, not sure who did it first, started having a cookie table at weddings.  All the women of the family would bake cookies for the wedding in case the couple didn't have enough to have cake for everyone.  For my sister's wedding, I was maid of honor, and I put together a cookie book.  It was a book of all of the recipes of the cookies on the table and who contributed those cookies.  My friend Heather (from Amaryllis Musings) made the book for me.

Sam <3

Photographer - Leeann from Leeann Marie, Photographers
Venue - Armstrong Farms
Bakery - Mainstreet Bake Shop