Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Reads

I'm an avid reader.  I haven't been reading as much as I used to before crocheting.  Recently I got a nook.  I read after work while I wait for my bf to get done with work.

I like to keep track of the books I read.  Is that weird?  Am I the only one?  I use  GoodReads is a good website where you can keep track of books you have read, want to read, and books your friends have read.  I use it more to keep track of what I read than social networking, but you can find me on there and friend me if you like.  My GoodReads name is the same as my ravelry name.  Email me if you want it.  Fair warning that the books I read are all over the place.  I'll go from biographies, to romance, to sci-fi, and back again.  As long as I find it interesting or entertaining, I'll read it.

My most recent finished book is

This book was better than I expected and really cute.  I don't knit, but this book made me want to learn.  There's a sequel that's out and I can't wait to start reading it.

Sam <3

PS.  I reread the Hunger Games trilogy in the past two weeks and I cannot recommend it enough!!  Honestly, read it!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I'm going to try and participate in WIP Wednesday and FO Friday as often as possible. I may not have anything to show you on Fridays, but I have too many works-in-progress so Wednesdays will be a piece of cake.

I have a new project that kind of happened by accident.  My Grandma Donna has been making blankets for each of her grandchildren.  Hannah, one of my cousins said that she really liked orange and my Grandma wanted to do something different.  I found this pattern, Teen Throw, and Hannah and my Gram both liked it.  Once I printed out the pattern and started going over the instructions with my Gram I realized my mistake.  My Gram doesn't really feel comfortable reading patterns or working in the round.  This throw is done in nine pieces and all of them are worked in the round.

I managed to teach my Gram how to do the rectangular grannys that are the sides.  She loves those now and might eventually make a rectangular granny blanket.  Here's the picture from Caron's website showing those pieces.

Copyright 2011 Caron International Yarns

I have already done the 4 heart appliques and the center square. I don't have a picture of the hearts, but I do have one of the center square.

This was a pain in the tush to do. I had to learn how to do surface slip stitching. I can see my joins in the green, but hopefully it isn't too noticeable. The hearts were even worse to do. It doesn't look like a heart until almost the very end. The entire time I was second guessing myself that I was doing them wrong. I have to do the four corner squares for my Gram and then she will put it together and do the border. Its kind of nice having a joint project.

I have plenty of other WIPs that I can show you, but I think you've seen them all and most of them haven't changed. I have 66 squares done of my Grandma Betty's blanket. Last I showed you I had 47 squares done. I think I might buy more yarn for it. The pattern calls for 7x11 squares and I don't like how skinny that would be. I was going to do 8x10, but there are a couple really dark squares that I'd really like to remove. If I had about 2 more skeins, that would make me happy.

Don't forget to check out everyone else's WIPs over at Tami's Amis.

Sam :-)

PS.  By the way, I guess this joint WIP IS MY GRAM'S AFGHAN!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Yarn and Blankets Just for ME!!

A while back in May (I had to check), I bought yarn for a blanket for myself.  It is Sirdar Country Style DK.

There was one color that stuck out to me and that I didn't like.  It is called Berber and it is second up from the bottom and second from the left.  I decided I didn't want to use it, but it worried me only have 15 skeins of yarn for a blanket.  Plus, I had already started the blanket.

By the time I decided I wanted to add a couple of colors, the line of yarn had been completely revamped.  It went from being sold in 100g skeins to 50g, the percentages of wool and acrylic had changed, and the colors went from names and numbers to just numbers.  I emailed Deramores, the website where I bought it, and asked if any of the colors were the same and if I could mix the old with the new.  They believed that I could and that some of the colors were the same.  I didn't like to have more of one color than another.  I can to random stripes, but they end up being planned random and I tend to use each color equally.  I ended up deciding to add a few new colors.

You can see the three smaller skeins that I added in the middle.  I bought two of each so that I would have the same amount as the other colors.  I got another tan-like color, but lighter, another green, but a deep forest green, and a light blue.

There was some other yarn that I got recently.  You all probably know of the new ripple that Lucy over at Attic24 has started.  She is using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn.  I had been drooling over that yarn.  I had mentioned to my dad that it would be my ultimate blanket.  I had been going over and helping him with some house jobs over a couple of Saturdays and he offered to get me some of the yarn.  Its not enough for the blanket yet, but it's a start!

It is so pretty and so soft!!  I love the colors I have chosen so far.  I think this is about half of the colors I want and I know I'm going to need multiple of each.  I'm going to have to do it gradually.  I can't afford it any other way.  It is really exciting.  I finally have projects going for me!  I have been crocheting since March and I've only kept 1 scarf out of all of the items that I have made.

I think next year is going to be a selfish crocheting year.  I have bought so much yarn with projects in mind for me, but I kept putting them on the back burner for gifts for others!

Sam :-D

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cuban Food, Hockey, and Pumpkin Picking

I went to Orlando, Florida for work Wednesday - Friday last week.  The only pictures I got on my trip were of my food the night we went to a Cuban restaurant.  I'm usually surrounded by picky eaters, therefore I don't get to try a lot of different food.  This meal was amazing!!!

It started with Sangria (so good!)

My meal was skirt steak with some mashed potatoes.  These weren't just any mashed potatoes, they told me they were from a South American potato, which tastes like a cross between a potato and sweet potato.  They were like sweet potato mash light!  They were so good!

I could not resist adding a side of fried plantains.  Every since I travelled to Brazil, I cannot get enough of them!

I didn't get any crocheting done on this business trip and I blame the bf.   :-)  You see, a couple of weeks ago he noticed that there were rewards points on a card that he's had for years.  Since he never knew there were points, they just racked up.  This is what we got!  It was better than Christmas!

Those Barnes & Noble gift cards turned into this!

I've been reading non-stop.  I love it!!!

I had thought that my weekend was going to be pretty uneventful, but I was wrong.  On Saturday, my parents neighbors asked if any of us wanted use their tickets to the hockey game that night.  I went with my cousin Ashley.  We had a blast!  Go Pens!  The Penguins won 4-1.

On Sunday I knew my parents were taking my two young cousins to the pumpkin patch at Simmons Farm.  Originally, my bf and I weren't going to go, but we woke up on time and decided, why not?  I didn't take too many pictures, as usual.  I only started on the hayride back to the shop area.

My dad tickling Josh with hay

Emily poking her head out by my mom

My pumpkin

Dave and I with our sour apple and caramel lollipops, the ride was a little shaky

I sent this picture to my Aunts warning them that they were about to be sugar-ed up!

Snow cone and funnel cake!

At the petting zoo, my dad saying, "Watch where you step or you're walking home!"  He was joking, I think.

It was a crazy week and after the farm I crashed and fell asleep for 3 hours!  It was a good time.

I have PLENTY of WIPs to show you on Wednesday.  I might have a little something to show you tomorrow too!

Sam <3

Monday, October 17, 2011

My All Encompassing To-Do List

I know this is probably like everyone else, but I feel like I have so many things to do!  There's things I want to do that are very generic and then there are things that I need to do that are very specific.  I'm a list person, so here it goes.

  • Start eating healthier! (I say this with a Mountain Dew in front of me, baby steps I guess)  I can't keep relying on the fact that I'm an active person.  Its catching up!
  • Finalize details for Missy's bridal shower.  I'm maid of honor, and I didn't realized how many duties I have.  (Centerpieces, special meal for a guest with allergies, so many details that I could go on and on)
  • Another reminder to eat healthy!  I can't keep eating this after soccer games!  It cancels out the calories burned and then some!  Yes those wings are in doggy bowls.  The pub we go to is Ugly Dog Saloon and on Tuesdays their special is $5 doggy bowls.  We had no idea what those were and apparently they are a bowl of 20 wings!!!!!!

  • Order my bridesmaids dress!
  • Finish my blanket for my Gram!
  • Finish my other Gram's Lucy bag.
  • Get ready for business trip this week!
  • I'm going to exercise more!  I just got my sister and I this deal at  It is essentially boot camp sports training! Eeek!
If I thought long enough I could probably make this list go on forever!  If you noted above, I'm going on another business trip.  This time to Orlando, Florida!   Woohoo for warmer weather!  I'll try to get pictures!!

Sam <3

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Sister's Birthday!

Today my sister turns 29.  She's one year away from the big one!!

A while back in July, Missy asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I showed her a list of patterns I wanted to buy from  She bought me a few patterns and commented that she found a hat that she liked and fingerless gloves.  Now, my sister is very picky, but here was a time where she essentially picked out two patterns!!!

The first one was a WIP that I had shown you previously, but when I finished it, I realized that I goofed.  I made it too small!  It fits my 5 year old cousin pretty good though! :-)


Yarn - Knit Picks Gloss Fingering , in the color Kenai, 2 hank
Hooks - C (2.75mm) and E (3.5mm)

I then decided I would try to get the second pattern done before her birthday.

Pattern - Ribbed Crochet Wristlets, I bought it on
Yarn - Knit Picks Swish Worsted in color Lost Lake Heather - 2 skeins
Hook - H (5.0mm)
Buttons - Found them at Joann's for less than a dollar I think!

Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about this yarn.  It is 100% Merino and it is so soft!!  This was my first time working with wool where it wasn't scratchy in the slightest!!  (I know, just means this is my first good stuff, but still!!!)  I'm definitely going to be using this yarn again.

I finished these wristlets on September 26th. I thought I had enough time to order more yarn and make the hat again, in time for October 11th......WHAT WAS I THINKING?!  To top it off, Missy's birthday dinner was going to be on October 10th instead because we have soccer games on Tuesdays.

I finished it with no time to spare.  I was actually late for Missy's birthday dinner yesterday.

Me kneeling in front of my bf saying, "Take a picture, quick! I'm running late!"
Yarn - Knit Picks Stroll Tonal , in the color Golden Glow, 1 hank
Hooks - C (2.75mm) and E (3.5mm)

Missy put it on at the restaurant, I think it looks better on her!
Success!!!!  Happy Birthday Missy!!!

Sam <3

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Mom's 50th Birthday!

Yesterday was my mom's 50th birthday.  We had a big party for her!

Creative Cakes Bakery in Robinson made an amazing cake!!  It was beautiful and delicious!

My mom, when she was about 3.

My mom and I.

Myself and my sister, Missy

We had to take multiple pictures because my uncle was trying to photo bomb us, so we were laughing.

Getting ready to cut the cake!  The little kids are excited for CAKE!

The leaves were sugar! 

My Great-Aunt Kathy and my Great-Aunt Sis on the left, with my Great-Uncle Jimmy standing on the left, my mom in the middle, and my Grandma Donna and my Pap on the right

My dad, cutting more cake

The neighbors, from left to right, Carl & Sue, and Sue & Tom

Me and Grandma Betty

From left to right, Jodi, Ben, Aunt Amy, Nora, and Ashlee

Family picture with nobody looking really, except my cousin Ashley, and my Aunt Janice in the upper left.

I had a big reveal recently and I told you I couldn't say who it was for.  Well, my granny stripe blanket was for my mom!!  Here are some pictures of her opening it.

I think she liked it!!!!

I hope you had a great birthday mom!!!

<3 Sam