Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Way Overdue Update

It has been a while and I've been super busy.  My dad has actually been the one hounding me to update here.

Let's see if I can go over the big events, hopefully in order:
  • on 11/26/12 Dave and I had an offer accepted on a house
  • on12/26/12 Dave had his colostomy reversal surgery
  • on 1/10/13 we closed on our house
      Photo from listing page, we've had terrible grey snowy weather
  • on 1/19/13 we moved into our house (Dave wasn't allowed to lift anything over 10lbs due to above surgery....I think he timed it that way on purpose haha)
  • Toby loves the new house
      Sleeping on the new couch
      Toby LOVES looking out the windows
      Toby tried to lay on the window sill, but he didn't fit. (Those were only some of the boxes we emptied.)
      More looking out the window at the snow.
So that's pretty much what is going on with me, but I'll try and show you my WIPs on Wednesday.

Sam :-)