Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun and Torture All Wrapped into One?

I had a lot of fun over the weekend, but I am in sooo much pain (it was worse yesterday, so YAY for it getting better today).  I had a soccer tournament over the weekend.  We played 2 games on Saturday and another 2 on Sunday.  We lost the final game, so we came in 2nd.

I played goalie for the most part, but I did play out a bit.  My team is either in Red or White (I think I'm in blue when I'm in goal).  We had another girl, Kristin, who played in goal as well. 

In the final game, we were dropping like flies with injuries.  I got hit in the head when I was on the ground (I already had the ball and the girl kept running and her knee hit my head).  Sara either got elbowed in the face or hit in the face with a hand because she most likely has a black eye right now with a cut.  Kristin went in for me and when she went to block the ball, she jammed her wrist pretty good.  She thought she broke it (x-ray says no, just a sprain).  I went back in goal (not a good idea) and we were all just dead.  We lost our lead and finally lost the game.  The team that we had all the injuries with was the orange team.

Here's some shots of the games. 

Team meeting at a half time.  I have my back turned in this picture, I'm to the right of the girl with logos on her back.

Me deciding where I'm going to send the ball

Our other goalie, Kristin

My sister, in white

Look at the dirty play of orange hooking our team member's arm!!! Shady!! haha
Me, playing out, after my injury and Sara's (I have the red stripe down the side of my shorts)

So, I said many posts ago that I needed to get some soccer pics up here.  This is what I do for fun and exercise.  This was my fun and torturous weekend all wrapped into one (you know I love it)!!

Sam :-)

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  1. Goodness.. you're lucky you can do that.. but don't hurt yourself!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)