Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crazy Hectic Week

I know all of you out there must have been dying to see Owen's Little Square blanket all finished.  I finished it on July 28th.  So the next FO Friday would have been August 2nd.  Well, a lot happened around August second.  I'm going to make you wait until Friday to see the finished blanket. 

Two weeks ago Dave and I decided to spend our bonus money from work on bikes.  We thought it would be fun exercise.  Trek was having a huge sale and we found a bike that we both liked.  The only problem was that they were out of the grey color, so Dave and I would have to get the exact same bike in the exact same color, awesome blue by the way.  Dave wasn't too happy about that.  He test road practically every other bike in our price range and kept coming back to it.  He finally resigned himself to it.  We didn't pick the bikes up until Wednesday because it took us a while to get a hitch put on our vehicle.

Then I decided that I needed a basket to carry Toby.  Most of the time we would want to bike ride it would be nice to take the pup with us.  Dave said the basket had to go on my bike because it was definitely not going on his.  I don't have a picture of Toby in it yet, but I promise you he likes it.

Then on Thursday, I saw this add on

It was for this little dog they had named Roger. 

This little man was only 10 weeks old and had found himself without a forever home.  He came into the rescue covered in pee and poop and all sorts of stuff.

So this is how the conversation went with Dave on Thursday through email.

Me:  Look at Roger
Dave:  Cute!  Kinda looks like Toby.
Me:  Did you read his story?
Dave:  So sad.  :-( Do you want to get him?
Me:  You'd have to get a basket for your bike!! ;-)
Dave:  Oh no....maybe I could do the wagon.
Me:  Having the basket on the rear of the bike doesn't look too bad.  See?

Not my dog, just a picture of how the pet basket looks over the rear wheel
Dave:  That's not terrible.
Me:  Wait, did you just agree to get a second dog and a bike basket?
Dave:  Yeah, let's get him.  He needs a forever home and Toby needs a brother.
Me:  Squee!!!!!!!

On Thursday I put in an application for Roger.  On Friday (I had taken the day off work, and Dave is always off, he works Sunday - Thursday), I was taking Toby for his annual vet visit for booster shots.  While we were in the waiting room I got an email saying that my application had been approved and when could I pick him up.  I immidiately went up to the front desk and asked to make an appointment for my soon to be puppy.  The receptionist laughed and said, "Oh that was about you!!  They just called here."  The rescue had apparently called the Vet to check that I take Toby there regularly while I was sitting in the waiting room.

Dave and I were both shocked that we were approved so fast.  I was so excited that I went shopping at the pet store to get the new pup a collar, harness, crate, etc.

When I got to the house where the puppy was being fostered, I was shocked at how little he was!  I completely forgot that Toby was about 16/17 weeks old when we got him and about 7 or 8lbs.  This little guy is only 10 weeks old and under 4lbs.  He makes Toby's 13lbs look huge.

Now I love people names for dogs.  I grew up with Max, Eddie, and Georgie, and I have Toby now, but we really didn't like Roger.  We needed to choose a name that day because of his appointment at the vet the next day.  Finally we decided on Jimmy.

So everyone, meet Jimmy:

So far they are getting along and adjusting well.

Another good dog in the car who just curls up and goes to sleep.  Toby needs a haircut, so maybe Jimmy will get his first haircut in the next week or so.  The hair on Jimmy's one side is stained because of how he came into the rescue, so a good haircut should help him too.

Unfortunately, Dave started to feel sick Sunday night.  We went to the ER and we told them that Dave was fairly certain it was a kidney stone, as he's had them twice before.  We were there all night before they believed us.  He was admitted and needed to have surgery to remove it.  Since I was at the hospital yesterday and exhausted from no sleep, my parents volunteered to take the pups for the night.  This is the picture I got last night:

Apparently playing with my parents' neighbor's dog Tootsie got them both super tired.  I'm going to pick them both up today after work.  Dave is doing well and should be recovered in a couple of days.

This means that there will be even more cute puppy pictures on my blog.  I hope you can handle it!

Sam :-)

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