Monday, March 7, 2016

Wedding - Shower

So, exactly a year ago today, I was enjoying my Bachelorette Weekend!  It seems crazy that it was a year ago.

My shower was in March last year and it was perfect.  My sister picked an awesome rustic location that was seriously 2 minutes from my house.

Dave did something a little different than bringing me flowers...

He got me a yarn bouquet!!!!

It was an amazing day.  My sister had it in the morning so we could have breakfast food!  We had French toast and mimosas!  I know there was other food, but that's all that I remember!

I can't believe that Dave and I will be coming up on our 1st wedding anniversary soon and then right after that our 8th year since we started dating.

Dave just had his 8th surgery for his cancer last week.  He's home, doing really well.  Its crazy looking back at the past 8 years since I met him. 

This picture was either the 1st or 2nd summer we were together...I think 2nd.

I can't remember the last time Dave had no beard!  Ah I still can't believe how long ago this was.  It seems like forever and a minute all at the same time.

Sam <3


  1. That yarn bouquet is so perfect! How fun!

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