Friday, March 11, 2016

Wedding Day Part 3 - Ceremony & More Bride & Groom Photos

The ceremony actually made me pretty nervous.  I wasn't nervous about getting married, but I was nervous about being the center of attention.  The ceremony was perfectly us.  It actually rained up until about an hour before the ceremony.  I mean pouring!  Thankfully it cleared and the rest of the day was great weather.

I was really trying not to cry and I ended up making a weird face...

We did a fisherman's knot unity ceremony.  I didn't want to do a candle outside (what if it blew out?!).  Dave was nervous he wasn't going to remember how to do the knot. 

This last photo was actually taken during the reception.  Our photographer, Leeann, grabbed us and said that the sky was really cool and we need to get more pictures now!  Dave said he wishes he grabbed his jacket, but I like it without.

Sam :-)

Photographer - Leeann from Leeann Marie, Photographers
Venue - Armstrong Farms

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