Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Unexpected Hiatus

I didn't mean to have another hiatus.  I really didn't mean to.  I just checked and my last post was in September!  Again my dad is the one that has been hounding me to update here.  He likes to see it.  He claims I have "readers."  I give him a look and say, "really?......really?"

I guess the best I can do is try to go in order.

The last you saw our new puppy, Jimmy, he was really little.  Here's both of the pups in their bicycle baskets in August.

Jimmy was still very little in September and just being so cute.

Both my boys are adorable. (October)

Look how big Jimmy is now!  At times I think he is bigger than Toby.  Most people can't tell them apart anymore.

Anyhow, back to my timeline.  I'm in a group on Ravelry.com called The Chittery Chattery Swappery Swappers Group.  Essentially a ton of nice women (a few guys) who love to swap.  I decided to take part in a partner swap.  As soon as I got the name of the person I was sending a package to, MissMatheMagic, I looked at her questionnaire and I zeroed in on the words "fingerless mitts."  I immediately cast on Podster Gloves.  Once I had the cuffs done, I was reading through posts and I suddenly realized she lives in Arizona!  She didn't need the mitten portion of the Podsters.

So I finished these mitts sitting in the hospital, while my sister was giving birth to my nephew.

They turned out a little big, but you'll see in a second that it actually worked out.  The yarn used was Fibernymph Dye Works Bounce in color Forest Green.  I used less than half of the skein.

I then wanted to cast on a pair that were a little bit more girly.  I posted a question in the swap group of which yarn to use, so MissMatheMagic picked out the yarn for her mitts without her knowing they were for her.  The result was a set of Zig Zag Lace Fingerless Mitts in Dream in Color Smooshy in color Raspberry Blaze.

Genevieve (MissMatheMagic), loved what I sent her.  The Podster mitts ended up fitting her husband perfectly.

She loved and told me she uses her zig zag mitts.

If you noticed above, I said that I finished the podsters while my sister was giving birth.  My nephew, Owen, was born October 9th.  

They used my blanket for the hospital photos!!

He is just so stinking cute!  Here he is with my dad, who is an elated first time grandfather, and a certified baby hog.

In November, Dave wasn't feeling well and he ended up back in the hospital.  We found out that his cancer had returned and it was aggressive.  I worked on a shawl while sitting in hospital rooms that was for a coworker of my dad.  She was going through breast cancer treatment.  I thought maybe a shawl hug might make her smile.

I made The Lonely Winter Tree Shawl using Berroco Vintage™ Chunky in the color Mochi.  I love how it came out and I really enjoyed this pattern.

While he was in the hospital, Dave decided he didn't want to wait any longer.  He proposed!

We went down to the family waiting area.  I knew something was up because he was acting strange.  Amazingly, this is the view from that particular waiting room.

I know what you are thinking....SHOW THE RING ALREADY!  Here is a photo from right after.  You can see the wheels of his IV pole in the photo.

Here's a photo I took a few days later.  I was trying to show how sparkly it really is.

The center stone is a blue diamond.  I didn't even know diamonds could come in blue.  I love it and it is very ME.  After he asked and we got back to his room, his mom was just sitting there with a grin.  She flew up from Florida to be with us throughout the week.  We heard a lot of scary information and I'm so glad she was there.  She actually had to sneak into my and Dave's room at the house to get the ring and bring it to the hospital.  She said it made her so nervous!  By the time Dave proposed, he had been in the hospital for over a week.  All of his nurses were coming in asking to see the ring.  The doctors knew about it.  The whole floor knew before me!  Everyone on that floor was amazing.  We couldn't have asked for better teams to help us through all the information they were telling us.

My friend Dianne made a hat for Dave.  He wore it to his first new chemo treatment.

Dave's family came to stay with us for most of December.  This is what I got to come home to.  Puppies not in their crates.

This is the first Christmas in our new house.  We got a tree that was almost 8 feet tall!

I made mitten ornaments for my and family members trees.

I took both puppies to see Santa, same place I took Toby last year.

My sister had some family photos taken for the holidays.  Owen was just too cute!  This time they used my navy Pine Forest Blanket that I made him.

My sister is so unbelievably photogenic, its not even funny.  Look at the hat they had on Owen!  Both hats!

I can't get over him, too cute!

Later in December, right before Christmas, it was decided that they were going to do surgery for Dave's cancer.  He wasn't handling the chemo treatments well at all.  They were sending him to the hospital.  So on January 3rd he had his 3rd cancer surgery.  This one was the biggest yet.  It was an almost 12 hr surgery.  He was in the hospital for 2 weeks.  He has 48 staples.  The nurse counted when she removed them.  My comment for 2 more for an even 50 was met with the stink eye and a "very funny."

Throughout that hospital stay, I worked on a scarf for my mom.  It is the pattern Shallows using Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in color Electric Mauve.  I used every last bit of that skein.

Owen's baptism was two Sundays ago.  I am his Godmother.  He was adorable in his white suit.

I finished a sweater that I started in November and gave that to him then.  The pattern is Greyson and I used Berroco Vintage™ DK in the very descriptive colors of 2117 (green) and 2105 (khaki).

Dave is back on the hospital.  He essentially got really dehydrated.  During this current stay, I made a had for myself.  It is the Wurm pattern.  I used two colors of Dutch Girl Yarns.  I had to make some changes since I was using worsted weight yarn instead of sport.  The photos were taken in Dave's hospital room and my hair had been in a pony tail all day, so sorry for the icky photos.

I love my hat.  I've been wearing it for 3 days straight it seems.

And that ladies and gentlemen is what I would call an up to date blog.  Do you hear that dad?  It's up to date!  I had to write a book, but its up to date!

I'll leave you with a photo of Owen that my sister sent me a couple of days ago.


I'm going to try and at least post on Wednesdays and Fridays.  We'll see how it goes!

Sam <3


  1. What an emotional journey you are on right now. Your nephew is very cute and I love your Wurm hat (a favourite of mine too). I wish you and Dave all the good luck in the world - gorgeous ring. Take care x

  2. You must be going through virtually every emotion that there is. I wish you both the very,very best of everything and I truly hope you get some good news health wise soon. Take care and stay strong.xx

  3. Owen is adorable. You have so much going on. Sending you love and hugs, and wishes!