Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Weekend Update - Part 2 - Saturday & Sunday with Owen

I got to see my nephew, Owen, twice this weekend.  On Saturday my parents had him since my sister and brother-in-law were going to a wedding.  I took my pups to the park with my parents and Owen and then we went to their house.  Then, these photos happened.

He's sitting up pretty good now.  He is SO CLOSE to crawling.  He really likes my puppies.  He likes to grab them and pull them closer.  They couldn't be sweeter with him.  (They play harder with each other than what Owen does.)

He kept opening his mouth to Toby.  I tried to make sure there weren't kisses, but I didn't catch them all.  Sorry Missy!  At least my pups tongues are smaller than Dakota's!

I should have taken a video, because he was just squealing and smiling with them.  It was adorable.

On Sunday we went over to my sister's house and grilled out.  My dad was feeding Owen in his high chair.  Well my dad was talking to all of us and would pause and I captured this moment:

Owen was ready for his next bite and my dad wasn't paying attention!  He was so excited for his food. 

I had a really good relaxing weekend.  I did try to get a photo of my puppies again, with mixed results.

This just shows that they really need a haircut.  I think I'll make them an appointment for Saturday.  Poor Jimmy, I brush the hair out of his eyes for the next photo.

I'll see if I can get some WIP photos for tomorrow!

Sam <3

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