Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Boys Toby and Jimmy

I don't think I've told you lately just how cute my puppies are, I mean, seriously, look at them.

They cuddle each other.

Toby has a tendency to sleep upside down.

They are not morning puppies.  They like to sleep in.

Last week, I tried to get a new picture of them for the background on my phone.  It is very hard to get them to both look at me for a photo.

Who knew, that all it took was a whistle?  I will forever keep that in my back pocket!

I just think my pups are so stinking cute!

They snuggle with Dave all the time.  Jimmy has become Daddy's little boy.

We even got a family photo during our engagement photo session (I'll post photos of that later).

It's amazing how they can grab so much of your heart.  Do you have pets that just tug on your heartstrings?

Sam :-D

ETA: fixed last photo

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