Friday, April 1, 2011

Not Your Grandma's Afghan!

Hi Everybody! (I know I know, as of right now there is nobody!)  This first post might be a long one, but I promise a lot of pictures!

My friend Julie had a special facebook post a while back, January 7th to be exact.  It definitely changed my life.

I immediately accepted her challenge and got to thinking about what I wanted to make her.  The first thing that came to mind was crocheting.  I had learned when I was about 10 and then I pretty much didn't do it since.  I thought that I wanted to make her an afghan.  Thinking back, that was probably pretty darn ambitious for a first project.

I found this book on  200 Crochet Blocks

As soon as I got that book, I flew!

Not quite square, but pretty good for my first finished block!

This is my second block and it didn't quite turn out square either, but I thought it was workable.

It took my under 2 months to finish the 49 blocks that I would need for a 7x7 afghan.

It slowly built as I put it all together...

Eventually I finished it on 3/19/2011!!!

The edges ruffled a first I didn't like it, but now I LOVE it!!  I think it adds a bit of flair!

The edge of the edge is the crab stitch, or reverse single crochet.

And HERE IS THE FINAL PRODUCT!!!!  As some would say....Tah daaaah!!

It ended up being a decent sized blanket.  Each block was about 8 inches square, plus a few inches for the border.  I'd say it ended up being about 60"x60"

I was so nervous to send it to Julie, but I was nervous over nothing!  She loved it and she sent me a few pictures of it in its new home!

Julie told me that her first reaction to the afghan was, "This is not your Gramma's afghan."  Thus a blog was born.  I am so addicted to crocheting now and I figured why not SHARE it!  Love Love Love it!

Tell me what you think!!


  1. Saw the afghan in real life and the pictures don't do it justice! The colors are really awesome and everything turned out nicely. Sam and I have really fed each other addiction to the yarn arts and can't wait to see what else she does!

  2. I agree heather!! as the proud recipient of this beautiful creation I was in awe when I opened the afghan.. and ran to my bf and said LOOOOOK AT THIS!!! SAMMY MADE IT! FIRST TIME KNITTING IN LIKE 15 YEARS and she makes THIS! Soooo not your gram's afghan. (no offense great gram-- i'm just a lil trendier than your orange and yellow 50's blankey)

    LOVE THE BLOG SAM! Welcome to the world :)

  3. What a beautiful afghan!!!