Friday, July 1, 2011

Doris and Not So Daisy Pot Holders

Hi Everyone!

A couple Saturdays ago, I was in my local Joanns (my local one is a super store, which means it just has more variety of EVERYTHING), minding my own business, browsing the yarn (which is dangerous anyway), and I come across one of their free pattern leaflets.

That's when I met Doris and I knew that I had to make her, same yarn as the pattern showed and everything. (The picture they used is plastered all over Caron's website for Vickie Howell, who I now love)

Meet my Doris:

Details, details, details: 
  • I used Country yarn in the color of Peacock (a very nice vibrant blue)
  • I only used one skein, and I had a little ball left over
  • The pattern used is Doris by Vickie Howell
  • The pattern calls for about 70 rows before the ruffles are added, but I did about 115 rows because I like to wear my scarves folded in half like above
  • It ended up being about 4"x50"
  • I used my Denim blazer for the 3rd time to model a scarf.  It might become a trend :-)
Next up, my Not So Daisy Pot Holders!

Remember these? My Daisy Pot Holders:

Well I did the pattern again, but with different colors and different flowers.  The end result? 

Not So Daisy Pot Holders:

Again, I know everyone likes details (actually it might just be me, I keep track of sooooo many details):
  • Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn, Velvet Orchid, Hot Pink, and Hot Purple
  • Half a skein of the Velvet Orchid maybe and less of the other two
  • This Pot Holder pattern by Lily Sugar'n Cream:  Pot Holders
I love these pot holders, they work up so quick!  I may have to make the actual daisy ones again, since I gave the other ones away.

So, what do you think?  Did you ever have an impulse buy like that and instantly start the project?

I love scarves, anybody know of a good scarf book?  I have a stitch encyclopedia that has been good inspiration for scarves, but I was wondering if there's a just scarf book out there.

Sam ;-)

Ps.  I'll update soon with a better picture of the Not So Daisy Potholders. --- Updated


  1. My, you've been busy! I want to make some of those pot holders and maybe the scarf.. but right now I have to go swimming!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. you're right it not just you, i love paying attention to details... that's what makes it interesting, and i love making those scarves and potholders too, so i guess we're on the same page here.. i just love to crochet!