Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Owen's Room

I feel like I'm constantly go go go, when I'm really not.  Dave and I have been getting a lot done around the house.  We finally got a bed in the spare bedroom.  As soon as we pick the comforter up from being laundered, I'll take pictures.  I got my craft room organized with cute colorful dorm storage solutions.  The perfect option for my current budget.  I'll also get some pictures of that soon.  Dave's family is coming for another visit in a couple of weeks.  This is the first time that they will visit when we have the house.  I'm so excited for them to have their own rooms.

My sister posted some pictures of the baby's room all finished. 

What is that peaking out in the above picture?  It's the blanket I made!  It matches perfectly!

My sister, Missy, has utilized all the space she has in the small room.  Everything is organized in baskets and everything has its place.

In other news, I made another baby item, but this one is for a friend.  She just had a little girl a few days ago and I finally got to make a baby item that's PINK.  I'll show you the cute sweater on Friday (if I remember haha..).  I've also finished my Happy Street, but I need to take pictures of it.

I'll post tomorrow with what I am currently working on!

Sam :-)

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