Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wedding - Bachelorette Weekend

I have an amazing sister and amazing friends.  I just have to start with that.  My sister managed to book us a cabin at Seven Springs Mountain Resort about an hour and a half from Pittsburgh for my Bachelorette weekend last February.

We had an awesome view from our front door.

A few of us went snow tubing the first night.

As a side note, the cowl I'm wearing that I wear ALL THE TIME skiing/tubing was a gift from the lovely Sara, scf1270 on ravelry.  It is the Burberry Cowl here.

The rest of the first night involved good food, good drinks and Cards Against Humanity.  I can't ever remember laughing that hard.

The next day some went to the spa, some stayed in the cabin and knit and some, including me, went skiing.

I love skiing and I got my good friend, Dianne, to get back into it.  Let's hope we get a lot of skiing in this year!

The second and last night we went to the bar at the base of the mountain, The Foggy Goggle.  Apparently, and I was very excited to find this out, it was 80's weekend.  The music that night was awesome!

These photos were stolen (with permission) from various facebook pages.  I didn't actually take very many photos.  I always forget.  It's terrible.

I had a great time and can't say how great my friends are.  I hope I can have weekends like this more often without it being my bachelorette party!

Sam :-D

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