Thursday, June 23, 2011

My First Pattern

Okay everyone, the title says it all!  I've created my first pattern!  Its a little one, but that's okay.  I got the idea when I was working on my granny stripe blanket.

So here it is, my Granny Stripe Cup Sleeve! 

So, you want to know how I did it?  Well, even if you don't want to know, I'm telling you. :-)

I used Lily Sugar n Cream cotton yarn, worsted weight (colors Vivid Orchid and Leaf) and an I hook (5.5mm I believe).
  • Using color A (Vivid Orchid) I chained 30 and joined to the first chain with a slip stitch.  (make sure you don't twist the chain)
  • Row 1 - Chain 1 and do a sc in the same stitch and every stitch around (30 sts)
  • Row 2 - Chain 3 (counts as one dc) and do two more dcs in the same stitch, then *skip 2 stitches and do 3 dcs in the next stitch* repeat from * until you reach the end (10 clusters) and join with a slip stitch into 3rd chain of beginning chain 3.
  • Row 3 - slip stitch into the next two stitches and the space between the clusters, then chain 3 and do 2 dcs in the same space between the clusters, then do *3 dcs in next space between clusters*  repeat between * until you get to the end and slip stitch into the 3rd chain of the chain 3 (10 clusters) fasten off yarn
  • Row 4 - Attach color B (Leaf) to any space between clusters of Row 3.  Chain 3 and do 2 dcs in the same space, then do *3 dcs in the next space between clusters*   repeat between * until end then join with slip stitch to the 3rd chain of chain 3 at the beginning of row
  • Row 5 - Repeat row 3
  • Row 6 - Repeat row 4 with color A
  • Row 7 - Repeat row 3, but do not fasten off yarn
  • Row 8 - chain 1 and sc all the way around and join to first sc with a slip stitch (30 sts) fasten off and weave in ends and Enjoy!

It was such a small project, but I was so excited because I was just making something I saw in my head.  Similar things could be out there, but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. 

Originally I did want to add a flower, but any flower I made didn't look right with it.

What do you think?  How'd I do?  Let me know if anything needs to be clarified or if you find any typos.

Sam :-)


  1. Hi Sam, what a neat thing to do, writing up a pattern and sharing it! I did that on my blog with my Scandinavian Heart ornament and it's been downloaded lots!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. A little edit:

    The dark purple color is Velvet Orchid, not Vivid Orchid...not sure how I goofed on that one :-)


  3. This is beautiful! And I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for posting.

  4. Do you think this would fit over a reusable coffee cup?

  5. Do you think this would fit over a reusable coffee cup?

  6. I liked ur pattern and made it too it comes out very nice .
    Thank you
    Can i have the permission to sell .