Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Danielle's Wedding Shower

Danielle is a really good friend of mine.  We met when we were going to college at the University of Pittsburgh.  Our senior year, we got an off campus apartment together.  We had a blast.

This weekend was her wedding shower in Philadelphia and I am a bridesmaid.  It was a garden tea party theme.  This was the house where it was held and I'm kicking myself for not getting pictures of the gardens in the back yard (beautiful!).

We had fresh cut flowers in teapots as the center pieces.

One of which had my tea cosy that I had to do blindly.

The mini projects I have been doing recently were given away as prizes.  These two baskets were bigger prizes:

These were given away as mini gifts.

Super Secret afghan was a present to Danielle from me.  I didn't know if she knew I had started a blog (she does now) so I didn't want to say it was for her.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.

I think her face says it all, but.....She loved it!! YAY!!!

I was so happy to make that blanket for her and all of the items for the shower.  I would have made more if I could!

It was a great and long weekend and I had a blast!!!!  I was so happy I could see and spend time with Danielle...I miss you!!

<3 Sam

ps. Sorry for such a long post and a ton of pictures :-)

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  1. Sam, you are the best friend ever! You made some many wonderful things to share with your friends, you rock! Glad you had so much fun.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)