Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I don't want my holiday weekend to be over....

Monday was Memorial Day and I took vacation days off around it.  All in all I had off from Thursday to Tuesday.  Today is my first day back to work. (think of how Eeyore might say that statement)

This weekend was nice, super hot (in the 90's), but nice.  I spent some time with each of my Grandmas, one on Thursday, one on Friday, hung out with my parents a bit on Saturday, just relaxed on Sunday, and then had my parents and my sister and her fiance over for a cookout on Monday.

On Tuesday, I spent some time with my 5yr old cousin.  My other cousin that is my age, and I took her to Pizza Hut.  We we got there, we noticed something funny that she did.

She was wearing two different shoes.  On the plus side, she does have on a left and a right.  While we were laughing, we asked her why she had on two different ones and she just said she couldn't find the other ones.  Simple as that!

I got a few mini projects done on my long weekend.  I honestly don't know how I even squeezed these in.  First up is the cosy I made for the metal water bottle.

It matches the other cosies I made:

They are officially a set!  The pattern used on the water bottle is Crochet Coffee Cosy 2.  I used two strands of Impeccable color Tradewind.  I love the buttons actually.  I got them in an assorted bag at Joann's.

Next up was another tea cosy.  Soon, I promise I'll be able to explain what all these mini projects are for.  Note that this is not the teapot that this cosy is supposed to be on.  I had to make this cosy blind.  Someone else has the teapot.  I thought that choosing a pattern that uses drawstrings would be good.

I actually goofed on this pattern.  I did it in US terms when it was actually written in UK terms.  I still like how it turned out though and I'm loving the colors.  The pattern is Cosy Tea Belly.

Next I made some pot holders to match my Daisy Teapot Cosy. 

The pattern isn't on but it is on the Lily Sugar n Cream website here Daisy Pot Holders.  You do need to have an account to look at their patterns, but it is free.  They also have place settings, hanging towel toppers, and an apron, that all match this daisy pattern.

What do you think of everything?

Did you have a good weekend?  Do anything fun?

Sam :-)

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  1. Wow, you have been busy and you're making some WONDERFUL things! Good for you! And such great gifts!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)