Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water Bottle Cosies Aplenty

There is a reason why I have been making all of these little projects.  It will all be told in due time I promise!!  For now though here are all of the Water Bottle Cosies:

The green one was first and I showed that to you in an eariler post, here.  I did end up removing two rows.

This pink one here was second.  I don't know what the name of the color because this yarn was part of the cotton stash my grandmother gave me and it didn't have the band.

The blue one was next and this is the same blue that I used in my Daisy Teapot Cosy, then again in the matching potholders.  I was really nervous that I wouldn't have enough left.  Thankfully it was a "supersize" skein of Lily Sugar n Cream.  Instead of their normal 2.5 oz it was a 4 oz skein.  I think I have about 10 inches left of that yarn.

Yellow is also the yarn from my daisy projects.


White, again from my daisy projects.

Here is all of them together.  Again, for most of the pattern I used this pattern, Girls Water Bottle Holder, but for the top part I used, Twenty First Century Canteen.  I got the carabiners from Harbor Freight Tools for $0.79 a piece!!!  That's because they are the cheap keychain kind, but that's all I need them to be.  They all the colors I show, blue, pink, green, and silver.

Also, I figured I'd show everybody how my bunting from Jennifer looks at me desk at work.  Please don't look at the clutter, I swear its stuff I'm currently working on and not junk! ;-) 

So, there's my little snippet of the corporate world.....

Sam :-D


  1. You must be important to have such a big cubicle!! Love your bunting and bottle cozies! How cute!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Teresa,

    I am by no means really important! I have the same sized cubicle as everyone. There are people who have larger ones and then people who have offices though. I actually don't need all the space I have!