Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday

What a way to get back into blogging!  I have plenty of finished items to show you from this past year, but I'll start with a work-in-progress Wednesday.

My main project that I've been working on is Garden House Baby Blanket.  I chose colors a little different than the pattern.  I picked 3 greys and a pink (although my dad claims it is purple not pink) of Berroco Vintage DK.

The colors are Smoke (2106), Cracked Pepper (2107), Charcoal (2189), and Elderberry (2159) from left to right.

Since I need to plan everything, I played with color placement in Paint and I settled for using the pink in the middle and using Smoke at the end as well as the beginning.  The pattern originally called for a 5th color.  By using Smoke at the end and the beginning I use each color equally.

I have finished two of the strips so far and I'm working on the 3rd during Dave's radiation treatments.

I'm loving it and it is turning out larger than I thought.  So it was originally intended to be a gift to my niece, but I might keep it and maker her something else.  My sister loves it and really wants it for her baby, but if she pesters she definitely will not get it (hint hint Missy).

So there's my first WIP Wednesday in over a year!  What are you working on?

Sam :-)

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