Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Done!!

The Super Secret Afghan is DONE!  I finished it a couple of days ago and again had to wait for good light for pictures.  So let's just get to it!

So there it is!  What do you think?!  The edges still ruffle a bit like the last one, but only down the side of the stripes, not at the top or bottom.  I put one sc in the side of every sc and two in the side of every dc (US terms), was that too many stitches?

The details:
I bought:
2 skeins Aqua (Impeccable, top left in picture)             
2 skeins Grass (Impeccable, below Aqua)
3 skeins Tradewind (Impeccable, below Grass)
2 skeins Soft Taupe (Impeccable, below Tradewind)
2 skeins Navy (Red Heart Soft, top right in picture)
2 skeins Berry (Red Heart Soft, below Navy)
2 skeins Grape (Red Heart Soft, below Berry)
2 skeins Teal (Red Heart Soft, below Grape)

I had about half a skein or more left over from each color, but almost a whole skein left over of the Tradewind.

The pattern is Ribbon Afghan and the colors I chose were in random order, but each color has the same amount of stripes.

I'm just so excited to have it finished!  I'll have to post later on who this is for, as of right now it is still a SECRET!

-Sam <3

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