Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Cosy Plus Some Swap Details

I have yet another cup cosy finished.  I have just been churning through my mini projects it feels like.

This is my Granny Square Cosy:

I used this pattern, Granny's Cup Cosy.  I used some of my scrap yarn again, but listed again, it is:

Red Heart Soft Teal
Impeccable Tradewind
Red Heart Soft Grape

Next I wanted to show you a project that had to be secret for a bit, it had to get to the recipient first.  So, I joined a swap on in the We Love Lucy group (a group of people who love Lucy's blog over at Attic 24).  I had to put together a present for my partner, Jennifer, who is in Scotland.  The present had to include yarn, something handmade, and some other little presents and cute things.

This is what I sent her:

Four skeins of Vickie Howell for Caron, two skeins of Deborah Norville sock yarn, two skeins of Country, some natural soap, and some post cards of Pittsburgh.

The Soap was this cool all natural stuff that my local grocery store sells.  They have a stand where you can have a block of it cut.  I must have looked like an idiot standing there being the most indecisive person.  I couldn't decide what scent!  They all smelled so good.  Finally I decided on Spring Wild Flower because the theme of the swap is spring.

For the handmade item, I decided to crochet Jennifer a scarf using a stitch pattern from my new book, Donna Koolers Encyclopedia of Crochet.  The stitch pattern is Lattice Chevron.

What do you think?  I'm in love with it.  I used Lion Brand Amazing yarn in the color Rainforest.  I used two skeins of it.

I think its funny that I have modeled both of my scarves so far with my denim blazer, but it just looks good with practically everything!!

Alright, now its bedtime!  I can barely move, two nights of soccer will do that.  I'll have to get some soccer pictures sometime.  I know this blog has so far been primarily just my crochet projects, but I'll have to get some other things on here too....other ME things.

-Sam <3

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