Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A New Goodie & Some Updates

I have a new small goodie done!  It may still need some minor adjustments.  I think I might remove a row or two.  Here it is, my Water Bottle Cosy:

I used some old Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton that my grandmother gave me.  It said it was color Light Green.  I'm not even sure if they make this color anymore.  It was from a store that doesn't exist anymore.

For most of the pattern I used this pattern, Girls Water Bottle Holder, but for the top part I used, Twenty First Century Canteen.

Next I made yet another Hot Drink Sleeve, but I also added some embelishments!

The pattern I used for the Hot Drink Sleeve is still, Ten Minute Hot Drink Sleeve, but the flower is from the pattern, To Go.  I thought the buttons finished it off nicely.

Another update for you....better pictures of my first tea cosy, Daisy Tea Cosy.

Those pictures look SO MUCH BETTER! 

I love hearing your thoughts!  Everybody was so nice explaining the uses of a teapot to me!  My mom was always a person that just poured the water from the kettle directly into her cup or just made one cup.  Also, I found out I am not the only one making tea cosies when i don't drink tea!!!!

I'm gearing up for a nice loooooooong weekend off from work, so I'll probably get a lot of little goodies made.


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