Monday, September 19, 2011

Granny Stripe Reveal!

Hi Everyone!

I told you I had a huge finished item that I was getting ready to show you and it is my Granny Stripe blanket!  I've showed it to you as a WIP here and here.  Now it is finally finished!!!

This blanket was a labor of love.  I started it in June and finished it this past Thursday, so that means it took me about 3 months.  That's the longest I've spent on a blanket.  I really let myself take my time and work on smaller things as I went this time.  It ended up a lot bigger than I expected.  I didn't measure it, but I think it is about 65"x58" or so (165x147cm).  It was really hard getting a picture of it all spread out.  I was standing on my couch and I still didn't get it all in.

The pattern as most of you probably already know is Granny Stripes by Lucy of Attic24.  I made a slight change and did alternating stripes of 3 and 2 instead of all stripes of 2 rows.  I used 26 colors of Stylecraft Special DK yarn.

The colors from left to right are as follows:

Row 1 (top row):  Claret, Sherbet, Teal, Bluebell, Shrimp, Cloud Blue, Saffron, Aster
Row 2 (middle row):  Pomegranate, Clematis, Spring Green, Lavender, Magenta, Bright Pink, Grape, Apricot, Royal
Row 3 (bottom row):  Plum, Meadow, Turquoise, Fondant, Lipstick, Wisteria, Denim, Raspberry, and Aspen

The border was a round of granny clusters in Plum, then hdc in Turquoise, sc in Grape, and finally reverse sc in Clematis.

I have to give a BIG thanks to Cindy from Baxtersrest for sending me more Plum when I needed it.  I like to start and end a striped blanket on the same color and then I had the bright idea to do the first round in Plum also.  I ran out and Cindy quickly sent me the half she had leftover!  Thanks again!!!

I love the feeling when you finish a big project!  This is a present for someone and I'll reveal that later.  I'm 99% sure she doesn't read my blog, but just in case I'll wait to tell you!

Sam <3


  1. This one is on my to do list as well. Fantastic job. I just love the simple border, it's lovely.

  2. Great job on a beautiful blanket! I bet you and your family will cherish this for years and years. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. It is beautiful!!! I hope to make one like it this winter. Joyce

  4. That's one Big Beautiful Blanket!! And another crochet pattern to add to "the list".

    I like your blog so much, I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!