Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Put-In Bay with the Girls

Last weekend (9/16 - 9/18) I went to Put-In Bay, Ohio with some soccer girls/soccer wives.  It took me over a week to post about it because yet again I took practically zero photos and I had to wait for my sister to upload hers.  So here's the photos I stole from other people on the trip!

I've had a bit of writers block when it came to this post. I think I'm going to just let the pictures do the talking!

Our Ferry to the island.


Waiting and looking at the camera!

My sister's hair flying everywhere!

It was cold and windy but fun!

There was something historical about this, but I couldn't hear the announcer because we were on the top of the ferry and again it was windy.

Apparently golf carts are the main mode of transportation on the island.

So we got our own!

Who doesn't love mini-golf?


Brandy at the chocolate shop
It was a fun weekend.  Missy (my sister) will probably yell at me for not writing more :-)

Sam <3

ps.  Someone gave me a blog award!!!  More on that soon!

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