Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So it has been well over a week since I posted and I usually post more often than that.  The reason I haven't is that I was in Memphis for work last week, then I was in Philadelphia for a wedding over the weekend.  Again, when I travel I am terrible at taking pictures and to top it off all of my pictures are from my phone.

Memphis is a cool city...lot's of barbeque.

This is a lot of food.  There's spinach dip to the left and a sampler at the top and my ribs, coleslaw, and beans in front of me.
My coworker and I got all of that food after our work meeting.  We went to Beale Street and we ate at BB Kings place.

Here's a couple shots of Beale Street.  I love all how each bar had a marquee and a live blues band playing.  It was amazing.

When I took these pictures, BB Kings Blues Club was directly on my right.
After my second day of meetings in Memphis I was supposed to get to Philadelphia in time to make the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner of the wedding (I was a bridesmaid). didn't really go that way.  I was in Memphis airport for 5 hrs.  We had the plane, the crew, the pilot, but air traffic control in Philly wouldn't let us take off due to weather there.  I missed the whole rehearsal and most of the dinner.  I got food though, yay!

Here are the few shots I have from the wedding day.

So, I really really really really debated about posting this picture.  I only took it because someone wanted to see how I was doing my make-up.  You can't see everything I did make-up-wise perfectly, but its a phone.  Also, you can kind of see how I got my hair done.  I wish I had a better picture of my hair, because it was beautiful.  The hair stylist used my curls and made it look like they were loosely pulled back, when in fact they were not going to move no matter how much I moved!!  Also, I'm making a funny face. :-/

This is me and Erin.  She's the other Pittsburgh bridesmaid.  I am somehow not looking at the camera right.  Oh well! haha we were having a lot of fun!
This is Erin again and her husband Brian.  This was the only picture I had in the main reception room with the blue up lighting.

I wasn't going to post this picture, but I thought it was funny.  I was trying to get a picture with Danielle, the bride, but every time I got near her someone swooped in and starting talking to her.  Brian, Erin's husband, and I were kind of making it a game.  We wanted to test a new setting on my phone and get ready to swoop in for the picture.

FINALLY!!  Me and Danielle!  She looked amazing and her wedding was a blast!
So this was my crazy hectic week that was filled with planes and programs and place cards and meetings.  I will be posting more frequently.  I have a few things to show you and I'm getting them all lined up!!

Sam :-D


  1. Oh you looked lovely!!! Sounds as though you had a nightmare getting there, poor you.

    Nicki xx

  2. You looked beautiful and so did the bride! Sounds like you had a very busy week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)