Monday, October 17, 2011

My All Encompassing To-Do List

I know this is probably like everyone else, but I feel like I have so many things to do!  There's things I want to do that are very generic and then there are things that I need to do that are very specific.  I'm a list person, so here it goes.

  • Start eating healthier! (I say this with a Mountain Dew in front of me, baby steps I guess)  I can't keep relying on the fact that I'm an active person.  Its catching up!
  • Finalize details for Missy's bridal shower.  I'm maid of honor, and I didn't realized how many duties I have.  (Centerpieces, special meal for a guest with allergies, so many details that I could go on and on)
  • Another reminder to eat healthy!  I can't keep eating this after soccer games!  It cancels out the calories burned and then some!  Yes those wings are in doggy bowls.  The pub we go to is Ugly Dog Saloon and on Tuesdays their special is $5 doggy bowls.  We had no idea what those were and apparently they are a bowl of 20 wings!!!!!!

  • Order my bridesmaids dress!
  • Finish my blanket for my Gram!
  • Finish my other Gram's Lucy bag.
  • Get ready for business trip this week!
  • I'm going to exercise more!  I just got my sister and I this deal at  It is essentially boot camp sports training! Eeek!
If I thought long enough I could probably make this list go on forever!  If you noted above, I'm going on another business trip.  This time to Orlando, Florida!   Woohoo for warmer weather!  I'll try to get pictures!!

Sam <3

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  1. Oh, you are busy for sure! Do take time to breath and do some special things for yourself. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)