Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dreary Weather and Etsy

Its another Wednesday and I don't have anything to show you.  I mean, I do, but the weather has been so dreary here in Pittsburgh that I have zero photos of the items that I have been working on and finishing.

It is so overcast and crappy out, I decided to take a picture.  This is my view from my chair at my desk.  Behind me I have a window and this is my view today.  I look out onto the roof of another part of our building, but you can see how ugly and dark it is outside with rain and clouds.  Its been like this for DAYS!

Plus on top of that, I get home from work after 5 and its dark already!!!  I'm going to try and get pictures tomorrow during the day (Thanksgiving!!! Yummmmmm!).

I do have exciting news though...I've opened my Etsy shop!!!!!!!!!!!!


I currently have 3 items listed, and I'll be adding more in the next week or two.  My hold up is pictures (see above)!

Currently listed:

Daisy Pot Holders

Water Bottle Cosy

And last, but not least:
Ripple Scarf

So, hopefully I'll get pictures tomorrow and I'll have more to show you here and I'll be able to post more on too!

Sam :)


  1. It's been dreary here too. I am so, so grateful that I get off work early enough to get a little bit of daylight. I love the fall, but I hate the early night...

  2. I hope you have great success with your Etsy shop. I have one too and no sales.. buggers.. best of luck to you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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