Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sudden Change of Plans

Yesterday, I was supposed to have my final summer soccer game and possibly squeeze a bit of crocheting after.  Then there was a change of plans!  Soccer game canceled, phone calls from/to sister, aunt, uncle, bf, and suddenly bf and I have U2 tickets for last night's concert. It was their last stop in the US!

This is what the stage looked like before U2 came on.  My sister was down on the floor in that crowd of people.  For a bit we tried to play "Where's Waldo?", but it was just never going to happen.  We were too far up to pick out individuals.

I didn't take too many pictures during the concert because I was too busy enjoying it and I forgot. :-D  They sang all of their big hits.  It was just an amazing concert.  I think Sunday Bloody Sunday was my favorite, or Mysterious Ways, or maybe Beautiful Day!  They played Hallelujah as part of the encore and that was great too!

My sister's favorite is Elevation.  She sang it in my ear over the phone all day yesterday because she was excited for the concert.  Can you imagine answering your phone at work and just hearing that "ooooooooooooooooh"?  hahahaha


Monday, July 25, 2011

Lazy Summer Weekend

Ugh...its Monday.  My weekend was a good one.  I saw a movie (Friends With Benefits, very funny and good and I recommend!), relaxed with the bf, and went to the pool.  It was very much the typical lazy summer weekend.

While we were lounging on the couch watching TV, I got a lot of crocheting in!  I have a lot of progress on two of my big projects now.  I now have 10 squares finished for my Gram's blanket.

I had really been doing these squares very leisurely.  I'm not going to give her the finished blanket until Christmas and I have some other projects that have to be finished first.  So, I think it's a lot of progress. :-)

This next one has to be finished well before Christmas, and I think it will be.  I'm almost at the halfway mark.

This is my granny stripe blanket.  I can't say who its for even though I'm 99.9% sure she doesn't know I have a blog and wouldn't know how to find it.  You can never be too careful.  Currently it is about 65" wide and 20" long.  I have decided that since I accidentally started it REALLY wide, that the width will be the long side.  I think I want the finished product to be about 65"x50", but it's probably going to end up bigger because of a border.

I have so many projects that I want to start and already have the yarn for.  They are just waiting for me and staring at me.  I feel like there isn't enough time in the day!!!

Of the projects where I have EVERYTHING planned, including owning the yarn and pattern there are:

3 hats, 1 scarf, 1 wrap, 1 bag, 2 sets of pot holders, and 3 hanging kitchen towels

You see some of the small projects that I have been doing are for my Etsy shop.  You didn't know that I have one?!  Well...that's because I haven't listed anything yet.  I have 6 items made for it (2 scarves, 1 set of potholders, 2 water bottle cosies, and a hot drink sleeve) and I just think that there aren't enough items yet.  How many do you think I should have?  I was thinking about 15.

I'll let you know when I list everything and have my "Grand Opening"!

I thought that this was going to be a mini post just showing my progress over the weekend, but it turned out to be long! Whew!!

Sam <3

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little More Boston and my Riot Ripple

So, my sister finally posted her Boston pictures...actually I'm pretty sure her fiance did it. :-)

Here's a couple extra shots of the trip!

We just thought this fountain was really cool!

Dinner at The Pour House

We were sending people pictures! :-)

The firemen at this station had really heavy Boston accents.  So cool!

Next up I have my Riot Ripple Scarf.  I worked on it on the plane rides to and from Boston, since I didn't have to change yarn at all.

Here's the details:
Pattern - Spring Ripple Scarf by Angela Best (I made it one pattern repeat skinnier)
This pattern was RAK'ed to me by erie3746 for my birthday! (RAK is Random Act of Kindness and there's a group for it on here
Yarn - 1 skein King Cole Riot DK in the color called "Cool"
Dimensions - I forget exact measurements, but I think it is about 6"x 67"

Soooo, thoughts, questions, comments, concerns?

My denim blazer made its appearance again.  I can't help it, it just looks good with EVERYTHING!

Sam :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This past weekend my sister, her fiance, my boyfriend, and I went to Boston.  We got in early Friday morning.  During Friday, we explored around the city, using their T system, and we went to the aquarium.  These little penguins were the cutest!

We did a little more exploring around the boats and the beach.

On Saturday, we went to walk along a bit of the Freedom Trail, but we came across the Holocaust memorial first.  There were quotes on these glass panes from survivors.  There were the numbers on the glass, they were in tiny print and they went from the ground to the top of each tower.  It was very difficult to imagine that each number represented a person.

We did get to go along a small bit of the Freedom Trail.

We then met my friend Julie (she is this Julie) and her boyfriend Ken for lunch.  She requested a baby blanket (she saw this post and loved it) for a friend of hers a while back and I gave it to her while we were in town.  I'm still kicking myself for not getting any pictures of us together or her holding the blanket!!!  We hadn't seen each other in years and we were chatting non stop!

That night we had tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park!  We went there in pedicabs!!

The Green Monster or as they say, "Monsta"
 We walked over to stand by the seats on the Green Monster.

Here's the view from our seats!!

On Sunday, my birthday, we went back to the area around the Freedom Trail. 

Paul Revere's house
I don't think this is on the Freedom Trail, but it says its the first Catholic Church in New England, founded by Italian immigrants. (not the best picture, I know)

We then went The Green Dragon (its an Irish pub that I didn't take a picture of) to watch the USA vs Brazil world cup game.  That game was SO EXCITING!!!  I couldn't handle the anxiety at times!

Then we went to the restaurant we ate at with Julie and Ken on Saturday.  We went back for my bithday, for some sangria and cake. 

BF being a goofball and me oblivious

Sister and Fiance
Overall, an amazing trip!  I had wanted to show you some other pictures, but my sister is a little slow with uploading her pictures (teasing, but really, upload them soon! haha)

Sam :-)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Doris and Not So Daisy Pot Holders

Hi Everyone!

A couple Saturdays ago, I was in my local Joanns (my local one is a super store, which means it just has more variety of EVERYTHING), minding my own business, browsing the yarn (which is dangerous anyway), and I come across one of their free pattern leaflets.

That's when I met Doris and I knew that I had to make her, same yarn as the pattern showed and everything. (The picture they used is plastered all over Caron's website for Vickie Howell, who I now love)

Meet my Doris:

Details, details, details: 
  • I used Country yarn in the color of Peacock (a very nice vibrant blue)
  • I only used one skein, and I had a little ball left over
  • The pattern used is Doris by Vickie Howell
  • The pattern calls for about 70 rows before the ruffles are added, but I did about 115 rows because I like to wear my scarves folded in half like above
  • It ended up being about 4"x50"
  • I used my Denim blazer for the 3rd time to model a scarf.  It might become a trend :-)
Next up, my Not So Daisy Pot Holders!

Remember these? My Daisy Pot Holders:

Well I did the pattern again, but with different colors and different flowers.  The end result? 

Not So Daisy Pot Holders:

Again, I know everyone likes details (actually it might just be me, I keep track of sooooo many details):
  • Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn, Velvet Orchid, Hot Pink, and Hot Purple
  • Half a skein of the Velvet Orchid maybe and less of the other two
  • This Pot Holder pattern by Lily Sugar'n Cream:  Pot Holders
I love these pot holders, they work up so quick!  I may have to make the actual daisy ones again, since I gave the other ones away.

So, what do you think?  Did you ever have an impulse buy like that and instantly start the project?

I love scarves, anybody know of a good scarf book?  I have a stitch encyclopedia that has been good inspiration for scarves, but I was wondering if there's a just scarf book out there.

Sam ;-)

Ps.  I'll update soon with a better picture of the Not So Daisy Potholders. --- Updated