Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Item Crossed Off the To Do List!

The baby blanket is DONE!  It took a bit longer than I expected, life got in the way.  Who would have thought, right? 

I always try to do too much (as I stated in an earlier post).  I really wanted to give a handmade gift for the baby shower I'm going to this Saturday.  Originally I kept making myself stay small and came up with ideas like little stuffed animals, but then I got the best of myself.  I went big.  I figured, how long could a baby blanket take?  Longer than I thought, but it still got done in time!

So, here it is!

The details:

The blanket ended up 25"x30"
3.25 skeins of Lion Brand Cotton Ease color Lake
J hook used (6.0 mm I believe)

In the end, I had to buy twice the amount of yarn the pattern called for.  Somehow, the pattern said you only needed 2 skeins of Cotton Ease.  I did use a smaller hook, but I didn't realize it would affect the amount of yarn used that much.  I didn't really see on http://www.ravelry.com/ anybody who could finish it with only 2 skeins.

The pattern, Little V-Stitch Blanket, was very easy and did work up pretty quick.

What do you think?  Not bad for the time frame available....
The shower is this Saturday, I'll let you know if she likes it!