Thursday, September 25, 2014


So my whole department at work moved floors.  We used to be on the 5th floor, and I was very lucky to have a window seat.  This was my desk:

This was the only photo I could find of my old desk, besides a lot of bottles needing to be recycled, you can see I have tons of pictures up and crochet garland that a swap partner made me.  The window was behind me while taking this photo.

Now, this is my new desk on the first floor:

It is a little messy because I took this photo while I was unpacking.  You can see that the walls of my desk are much shorter than the old ones.  No one was looking forward to going to this new furniture.  Plus, you didn't have a square, you had half a hexagon.

This is the view behind me.  You can see how the pods are hexagonal.  My one big plus to the move is I have even more windows!

I really thought I was going to hate the move, but it isn't bad.  I liked that I got a fresh start and got to throw a ton a stuff away.  I like the new person who sits behind me, Hi Becky!  It does get a little loud sometimes with the low walls, but it really isn't THAT bad.

Earlier in the summer, I told you about making the decision to get healthier.  My sister and I were makign weekly goals.  I did really well over the summer.  I've lost about 12lbs.  I've gone down a pants size, it probably would have been two sizes, but the size I was in when I started was really tight.

While I was making these new and better health decisions I found a website to follow called The Shrinking Kitchen.  I've tried a few of the recipes already. 

The Berry-licious Muffins are amazing, I made them 4 times in a row.  They recipe says that they are 147 calories per muffin, but I got more muffins out of each batch.  My muffin were about 125 calories a piece.

My dad made the next recipe, but it also from The Shrinking Kitchen.  We made Easy Weeknight Lo Mein and it was healthy and delicious!

It was only 286 calories a serving!  Ours might have been a little different, we added more of the veggies.  I would definitely make this again, my only problem is that Dave is picky!  So, I'd be cooking for one.

The last new recipe we tried was Lightened Up Spinach Lasagna.  I thought it was really good, but my dad said he could taste that we used skim ricotta cheese and skim mozzarella cheese.  He still said it was good though.  I didn't get a picture of it.

Do you have any good healthy recipes?  Do you have weird furniture at work? :-)

Sam :-)

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