Thursday, March 22, 2012

Totally Random Bullet Points

  • I like bullet points.
  • I think it is because I like lists.
  • I think I like lists because I'm an engineer.
  • Check out this photo of the trees that have blossomed already
When these trees blossom they actually are a bit stinky.  This is taken where my Grandma Betty lives.
  • Here's a couple of more photos from the rehearsal of my sister's wedding

  • I also have another shot from the wedding.  Its of the bridesmaids looking at Missy as she comes down the aisle (minus Michelle, she's on the end).
  • It's 80 degrees in March in Pittsburgh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gavin DeGraw is one of my favorite artists and I'm so excited he is on Dancing With the Stars
I think that is enough random items for the time being.  I was originally going to show you something tomorrow, but I have changed my mind.  You'll see it soon enough with some extras, but that is something special that you'll have to wait for.  I hate being cryptic, but I'm excited about this.

Also, I think an update on my yarn diet is due.  There haven't been too many changes, but I'm changing the rules a bit.

Sam :-)

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  1. I like bullet points too.. and I'm an artist! Great new photos of the wedding. Lucky sister to have such a great day. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)