Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday - An Update on my Vest and Ripple

I have a couple of other projects going besides my vest and my ripple, but these two projects are my main projects.

I am just about to perform the increases on my vest.  I have about 8 inches completed.

On my ripple, I have a few more rows completed than the last time you saw it.  Its growing slowly, but at least it is growing.

I'm only showing the last picture to show you that we have sunlight here!  Its been dark and dreary for so long that it is nice to have some sunshine.

Don't forget to go to Tami's Amis and Small Things.

Sam <3


  1. Now that is some ripply goodness to be certain!

    Look how neat your knitting is. I'm noticing stuff like this since I bacame obsessed with the sticks.


  2. Wow, your ripple looks so good. I must agree with Cuckoo, your work is wonderfully neat, beautiful.


  3. It IS nice to have some sunshine. Lovely colour for your vest!

  4. LOOVE the purples in that ripple. ive got slight ripple envy..x

  5. You're cooking right along! Good job! Loving the ripple. I am doing a give-away, be sure and hop over and join in! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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