Friday, March 30, 2012

Project List - Part 2

Picking up from where I left off yesterday, here are items 16-31 in my queue and the yarn that goes with them:

16.  Feather and Fan Scarf- Crochet
17.  Spring Ripple Scarf- Crochet
18.  Cascading Stylish Shawl- Crochet
19.  Wingspan- Knit
20.  The Seraphina Cowl- Crochet
21.  Ravenna Scarf- Crochet

23.  Ribbed Crochet Wristlets- Crochet
24.  Marshmallow Fluff- Knit
25.  Embraceable Cowl- Knit
26.  Sunflowers Satchel- Crochet

27.  Boteh Scarf- Crochet
28.  Queen Annes Lace Scarf- Crochet
29.  Drop Stitch Scarf- Knit

30. Sidewalk Shawl- Crochet

Again, have you made any of these patterns?  Do you think I made good choices?  There are more crochet patterns than knitting because I am a very new knitter.

I didn't have a FO to show you, but I'm going to link up with Tami's Amis, Natural Suburbia, and Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see if they have any feedback on my pattern choices.

Sam :-)

Ps.  On Sunday, I will have a giveaway post.  It will not be a joke!  That is my 1 year blogaversary!  I want to celebrate, so get excited!!!


  1. That's right! April Fool's Day is Sunday... thanks for reminding me ;) I haven't made any of those patterns, but they are all gorgeous, as is the yarn. Can't wait to see some of them finished =)

  2. WOW! You are so much more organized than me. My queue is sort of an extension of my favorites, with a few projects in there that I actually intend to knit...someday.

  3. Wow so organised! A few of these patterns have now found their way into my queue too.

  4. Love your yarn! and totally impressed with your organization!

  5. so much king cole riot! i love that stuff! works great in one of those ripple scarves :D

    marshmallow fluff is cuuuute! ive added to my faves ;D

  6. Wow what a project list. I've not done any of these items. Looking forward to seeing them done.

  7. Birds of a feather! most of these are on my queue too! lol

  8. What a list! I must say having yarns to go with everything on your queue is way beyond my motivation. Good for you. I don't have any of these in my favorites but look forward to seeing your projects.

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