Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday - My Ripple (again) and a Baby Blanket

Okay, I hope you aren't getting sick of seeing my ripple....I'm enjoying working on it and its my main project at the moment.

This is how I plan upcoming colors.  It is very fluid and changes as I go.

I'm really enjoying my blanket, but I'm starting to get to a point where I really want it to be done.  I'm about halfway done.  I think the reason I'm starting to rush this project is that I want to make a baby blanket with the left over yarn from this project.

I decided to start it last night.... :-)

I'm going to put them together like my Grandma Betty's Drops Blanket, but with a rich brown color.  Also, I kind of gave you a sneak peek at my FO for friday.

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Sam :)


  1. I'm not bored of your ripple, I love seeing it :) I like your approach to planning the colours too :)

  2. Sometimes you need a break from big projects, but I am loving all the colors! You're doing very well.

  3. I really love your ripple! All the colors are amazing!

  4. I can look at ripples all day! Love your colour choices. And little squares are a perfect diversion from long ripples, right?

  5. OOOOOooooo! Your Ripple is stunning! I really love the colors and patterning!

  6. The ripples look great I love the colors.