Monday, April 16, 2012

Long tired

So for all of you long time followers you might know that my boyfriend is undergoing treatment for colon cancer.  We had a long hard weekend.  He started having a fever on Wednesday night and it turned into being admitted to the hospital all the way until Sunday.  Somehow he has pneumonia.  Its under control now, but it was a scary few days.

I usually keep my blog a very happy place, skipping over most unpleasantness, but I met a woman this weekend leaving the hospital one night.  She was leaving a cancer support group and we got to talking.  Everything Dave has been going through other people have gone through or are currently going through, so I think its just good to talk about it.

His journey since December has not been an easy one.  Nothing has gone smoothly.  Chemo side affects have been exponentially worse that predicted resulting in ER visits.  His body doesn't react to things the way the doctors are predicting.  For example, we found out this weekend that he is allergic to benedryl.  WHO IS ALLERGIC TO BENEDRYL?!  That's what doctors give you to help you when you are allergic to something else.

We have learned to be very vocal.  We have to tell the doctor what we want.  We had to tell them, "Change his anti-nausea medication, it isn't working," because they didn't adapt quick enough.  Don't get me wrong, Dave has amazing doctors, but he really has been reacting to everything very differently than expected.

My dad keeps telling us that it is called "practicing medicine" for a reason.  There's going to be trial and error, but we need to be very vocal when telling them something doesn't work.

I'm so tired lately and my headaches are coming at me full force.

I did get a ton of crocheting done this weekend due to the long hospital hours.  Here's a sneak peek.

Its a little blurry, but it shows some of the new colors.

I'm going to try and go to bed early tonight.



  1. Estou rezando por ele e por você.
    Que DEUS os ilumine neste momento difícil.
    Um forte abraço.
    Rosangela / Brasil

  2. I'm so sorry he's having such a terrible time. I will keep you guys in my thoughts. I hope you get some good rest...

  3. Sam, I'm so sorry for all you both are going through. My husband is a colon cancer survivor, they found the tumor in a colonoscopy that I insisted he get.. luckily they operated and got it all and it hadn't gone through the wall of the colon. He didn't have to have chemo or radiation. You're in my thoughts.. hugs.. Teresa

  4. I think you're right - we don't always talk about things like cancer and so many people go through this it can really help. Lets not forget that in your own way, you're going through this too.

    I hope so much that things start going a little better than they are now. Keep up the crocheting, it will be good to keep you busy :-)

  5. I'm so sorry you are going through everything you are having to go through. Please don't feel you have to keep everything happy. Bloggers live in the real world and it isn't pretty all the time. Talking about it and sharing helps so many people. Thank you for sharing with us & I love your new colours.