Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Ripple, Baby Blanket, and Knit Vest

Thanks for all of the feedback on my Ripple.  It seems that no one is sick of my constant updates!!  So I'm going to keep the weekly updates coming.  I have a few more stripe done since the last time you saw it, but first, I wanted to show you my dining room table.  Every once in a while, okay, all the time, it is used as my current project table.  Below you can see my ripple, my knit vest, and my little square baby blanket.

I think I'll save my ripple for last.  Here's my knit vest update.

I am SO CLOSE to starting the arm shaping.  I feel like as soon as I get this back piece done that the front piece with fly by.

My little square baby blanket has become my mobile project.  I work on a square here and there as much as I can.  My deadline for this blanket is May 6th!  Here are the squares I have done so far.

the color is a little off in this phone, it is better displayed in the photo below

A couple skeins of the color I'm using to put these together have come in.  It is a nice rich brown.

Now, here is where I am with my ripple.

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Sam :-D


  1. I keep looking at your baby blanket squares nervously. I would never have the patience for that! :)
    Your ripple looks amazing!!!!

  2. The ripple is beautiful! I'd really like to do one for our living room but it seems like such a large commitment! haha! The vest is a beautiful colour!

  3. I love it all :) Keep the updates coming!!

  4. Do you have a projects page for your ripple afghan? I really, really love the colors you're using! They look fantastic together, and I'd like to try to imitate it!

    1. I sent you a ravelry message. I am samie1914 on ravelry.

  5. I adore your ripple... one day I might try one of those done with the color mixing like that, it's brilliant! I also look forward to seeing your finished baby blanket! You can do it before that deadline, I am sure! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Beautiful colors in your ripple afghan!

    Here is what I worked on this week..

  7. I love the ripple blanket! The colors you are using are so bright and colorful!

  8. All your projects look great, and I especially love that ripple. Great colors!

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