Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday - My Ripple and Little Square Baby Blanket

I'm posting twice today because I wanted to give you a final WIP on my ripple.  I have finished all of the stripes.  I just have some ends to weave in and the border.  So I think this will be the last update until it is complete.

I was doing pretty good with weaving in the ends as I went, but I was getting nervous that I wasn't going to finish the rows in time to use the left overs for the baby blanket.  The baby blanket has a due date, so I'm going to finish that first then come back to this.

After thinking about it for a while, I think I have finally decided to remove the bright orange in the lower right hand corner.  I have enough squares that I don't need those.  I just kept thinking that they would stick out way too much.  Thoughts?

I'm linking up with Tami's Amis, Small Things, Frontier Dreams, and Ambassador Crochet.

Sam :-)


  1. Well, the orange is definitely brighter than the other colors but I don't think that means it must be banned :). I kind of like it in there!

  2. When I cover the bright orange then I want to remove the burgundy too... where would it stop? lol.
    I think it'll turn out fine, especially if you include a wide row of the orange in the border.
    OH! What about adding another color? Maybe a color that's somewhere between the peach (center of the next row up) and the bright orange? Like Coral or Mango? Just a thought. :-)

  3. Oh please leave the orange. I covered it with my finger and it just isn't that same without it...

    I found you via Frontier Dreams' KCCO. This is my project of the week:

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