Monday, May 23, 2011

Mini Projects

After this weekend I feel SUPER productive.  I got so many mini projects completed.

First to be completed was my second Hot Drink Sleeve (first one I gave away to my Aunt Amy):

The yarn I used is left over from Super Secret Afghan.  For this pattern you use two strands together.  This is the Tradewind and the Grass color, both Impeccable.  The pattern is Ten Minute Hot Drink Sleeve.  I added one extra row of hdc (US terms).

Next mini project to be finished was my Flower Pin:

I struggled to find a good way to photograph it to show it off, so there's a few different options.  This yarn is also left over from Super Secret Afghan, but also my first afghan.  The dark pink is Red Heart Soft in Berry and the light pink is Vanna's Choice in Dusty Pink.  Its actually supposed to be all one color, but I ran out of Berry.  The pattern is Rosa Flower.  I don't think I did the pattern completely correct.  The back of mine does not look like the back as the pattern shows, but I like it anyway.

Next and final mini or not so mini as it took me ALL DAY SUNDAY, is my first tea cosy:

The light is terrible in these two pictures, but I wanted to share it with you and not wait for sunlight!  It is made out of Lily Sugar and Cream in Cornflower, Yellow, and White.  The pattern is Daisy Motif Tea Cosy.  I got the tea pot at Bed Bath and Beyond on Saturday.  Actually, here's the link to my tea pot, Everyday White Rim Teapot.  I had a $5 off coupon so I got it for $10!

I was so scared when I was making this yesterday that it wouldn't fit.  Finally at the end it all came together.  Its not perfect, but I think it looks pretty good!

Thoughts?  What are you working on?  Have you made tea cosies?  Here's a funny question since I don't drink tea....wait for it....sooooo how do you even use a teapot?  I mean, its not like a tea kettle that you put on the stove.  Do you use it in the microwave?  (This one said microwave and dishwasher safe)  I don't even drink coffee.  My hot drinks are limited.  They are hot chocolate because I have a total sweet tooth and hot cidar which I LOVE around Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Okay, I still feel like an idiot, but I'm done now.  Explain to me please.................

Sam <3


  1. In England tea making is an art form lol. We first warm the pot by swishing some boiling water around in it. Then add the loose tea or the tea bags according to how strong, how many people etc. Pour on your boiling water cover with you beautiful cosy and leave to "brew" for a while. Then make tea!! Saying that everyone I know makes tea slightly differently. Hope that answers your question. Your pot and cosy are so lovely you could just use as an ornament x

  2. As above really! I use one bag per person and one for the pot. Tea out of a teapot taste so much nicer than tea made in a mug!