Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feeling a bit overwhelmed....

I realize that in the month of May I have committed to a lot of projects.  Even after completing all 4 Mother's Day presents and most recently Super Secret Afghan (a post to come on that soon, I promise!!) I still feel like I have SO MUCH to do.

-I started a quick baby blanket for a soccer teammate of mine.  The pattern (Little V-stitch Blanket) works up really quick, but it will still take me a few days to finish.

-I have to make something for my swap partner on http://www.ravelry.com/ (more to come on this later).  I have some ideas, but haven't started anything.

-I offered to make some items for an event that is coming up (I can't explain on here too much).  For this I am making hot cup cosies, coffee cup cosies, and maybe a teapot cosy if I can find a basic teapot at a good price.

-My mom asked me if I could make one more kitchen hanging towel for a friend of hers that has helped her a lot recently.  My mom had foot surgery recently and this friend has been great.  Plus, my mom rarely asks for anything, so I want to help her out.

Its a lot right?  Sorry for a wordy post without pictures.  Let me see if I can just end with a picture.....

My dog Georgie, not liking the scarf and sweater I bought for him one Christmas.  This was also the year we had to shave off his beard because he got stuff stuck in it.  He seemed embarassed.  Teehehehe

-Sam :-)

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