Saturday, February 18, 2012

My New Haircut

Earlier in the week I told you about new clothes and that I had a haircut appointment.  I don't have pictures of me wearing my new clothes....yet (I'm going to try, I promise, its tricky taking pictures of myself).

Here is my new haircut (not that you have anything to compare it to, but I chopped off a good big)

Here it is straight (above) and curly (below)

I'm loving the shorter length because I'm actually taking the time to do my hair.  That means no more ponytail every day!  Plus, it doesn't take as long to dry my hair because its shorter.

Next step is to try and get back into putting make up on in the morning....

Heather (Amaryllis Musings) and I have a knitting class today.  Fun!

Sam <3


  1. Cute hair! You're getting so professional looking! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Ya, tying your hair into a ponytail takes time. I bet your new haircut will look good with your new clothes, Sam.

    Stela Dimitrov