Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Weekend Part 2 - Surprise Bowling!

My sister told last week that she had a surprise for me on Sunday.  She picked me up around 11:30 and said we had an appointment at 12:30.  I love surprises, to the point where I got out of my way to try and not ruin them.

So, where did we end up?

That's right, your eyes are not deceiving you, a bowling alley.  You have to make an appointment for a bowling alley?  No, you don't, and I said that to my sister and she just laughed.

I started taking pictures of her and asking what were we waiting for.

She just kept texting away....

My sister has her own bowling shoes, can you believe it?  She's not crazy good or anything (no offense Miss), but she was in a league with friends and it was just cheaper to buy shoes than to rent them.

She stole my boots when she picked me up.  She wore my black ones while I wore my brown.  Can you tell I was getting antsy?

So it turns out we were waiting for some other girls from my soccer team!

Me and Tara

Brandy, Missy, and Katie

We played two games normal.

When we started a third, we were running out of our allotted time.  So, we decided to bowl a different way each round.  We did various things like lefty, grandma bowling through the legs, backwards through the legs, etc.

Here are a couple funny shots.

I was running away from my bad ball.

Missy you look scared or nervous...

I had a great time and I LOVE that it was a surprise for me!  I have a lot of great people around me that are so supportive and I am so grateful for them.

Sam :-D

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