Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Blanket Request - WIP Wednesday

My sister's future sister-in-law is having a baby, so my sister, Missy, asked if I would make her a baby blanket.  I know what you are thinking, didn't this girl just make a list and say she was going to selfish crochet/knit this year?  Yes, guilty as charged, but in my defense, I agreed to this project in 2011.  So it doesn't technically count, right?

Well this is my only WIP right now, besides my learning knitting swatch.

I have more done now, its about half way done now.  I think, well I know, that I am turning this side ways.  The waves will be vertical ones because I started wider than I thought.  Can you tell it will be a little boy?

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Sam :-)

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  1. There is nothing more fulfilling than making a blanket that will be special to a baby as they grow. Good for you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)